Anthony Cheung

Content and Engagement Director

About Anthony

Anthony Cheung is Amplify's Head of Content and Culture and a respected market commentator, appearing frequently in national press such as the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Times. (Twitter @AWMCheung). He co-hosts the Market Maker podcast with our CFO Piers Curran and is editor of our flagship newsletter of the same name. Having covered EU, US and Asia-PAC time zones across FX, equity, fixed income, and commodity markets, he’s got 16 years of global experience, working with buy-side, sell-side and academic clients.

Anthony also guest lectures at several UK universities and is lead delivery of proprietary training software in Global Markets, Sales Trading, Market-Making, and Asset Management. When he's not commenting on the latest market moves, you'll find him spending time with his wife and two young daughters in Kent, in the southeast of the UK. A former national league basketball player, he represented England as a youth player and occasionally dabbles on the court to this day.

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